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I really enjoy trading forex and I found to be something I have passion in and enjoy however I’ve been struggling of late and seem to be losing money I’m quite new to this all so I brought a course and this course came with signals however I was about 200 pound up from learning and using signals but those signals have gone shit I’m currently now 200 quid down if you add lose of profit about 300 down. I’m trading with Mac d obvs support and resistance lines and moving average exp 365/180 however I’m struggling with just few things to put my strategies together is anyone will to help support newbie and share light maybe in what’s app msgs Skype call anything as I’m struggling with the final piece to the jigsaw. Honestly don’t know which way to turn when it comes to stuff like as I don’t know anyone or in a group with other traders
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We will give you assistance on creating a realistic and completely free demo account in order for you to practice, many believe you shouldn't use a demo account for more than 6 months as it does not give you a real understanding of the market as there is no emotional fear of losing money, however, i strongly recommend using the demo account until you are confident and comfortable to trade the real market. (I traded a demo account for 2 years before i felt comfortable enough to live trade, however i did not have good learning material to speed up my progress)



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I use On balance volume divergences

And that's it. No other indicator. When there are strong OBV divergences I came into the trading and usually I end up green.
I have some questions:
  1. Which indicator to use as ''exit'' signal? I usually know when to jump in, but not when it would be tha right moment to exit.
I trade stocks and forex
I was thinking to take in consideration the latest price / indicators divergences as a referrement... looking at where did the price end up on a simil divergence price/indicator could lead me to the conclusion of where to set stop losses and where to take profits
But I also would like some other kind of indicators in this particular case (OBV / price divergence comparation with the latest divergences, at the same time frame)

Which one would you reccomend in order to give me an insight of where the retailers / MM (market makers) are going to pump the price at? AN insight about ''where'' to exit (maximazing profits) when I use the divergence indicator (on balance volume) / price strategy?

I was thinking of using volume bars, so if in the volume bars of the previous pump (and of the previous on balancevolume / price divergence) are smaller than the bars in the divercences on balance volume / price I am going to trade on) it could be a signal that this rally / dump would/could end up much lower than the previous
Any tip from you matematician /phiscists with high IQ working at your algo trading bots?

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Daily FxVlog#2: On Balance Volume Divergence - YouTube On Balance Volume: What It Is and How to Use It 🙌 - YouTube Forex Trading Ideas Through OBV Indicator  Best Trend Indicator On Balance Volume in urdu hindi OBV On Balance Volume Indicator Explained Simply ... Swing Trading Using On Balance Volume Indicator (OBV ... Positional Trading Strategy With On Balance Volume (OBV ...

To trade the MA and OBV forex strategy, you need to add two exponential moving averages with periods 34 and 12. Entry conditions: The OBV diverges from the price chart. Or the price and the indicator line stop close to the support or resistance level. To enter a buy trade, the EMA 12 should break through the EM 34 upside. To enter a sell trade, the fast EMA breaks the slow EMA downside. The ... The most reliable buy and sell signals are provided when the OBV diverges from the price. In case the price surges, then falls, after which rises again to a higher high, but the OBV marks a lower high, this produces a bearish divergence, thus, a reliable signal to go short. In case the price drops, then rallies, after which falls again to a lower low, but the OBV marks a higher low, this ... You can compare the OBV indicator performance in Forex with other markets like stock or cryptocurrency, and you’ll find out it’s more useable on those markets. OBV after breakouts. The volatility of markets can affect OBV indicator performance quite much. After price breakouts, OBV can give you wrong signals about buyers/sellers power. Because OBV is a cumulative volume indicator and just ... On Balance Volume OBV – Moving Average Crossover Forex Trading Strategy. My personal preference is to add a long-term moving average on the on-balance-volume, not on the price chart, for several reasons: To determine the direction of the trend – this crossover offers an excellent outlook on the prevailing trend on the market OBV is based on a cumulative total volume. I was using this indicator for my personal trading over long time and its a very effective indicator. then i came across through a blog where i found this strategy and start using this over 3 weeks now. its simple but very efficient strategy. no messy chart and too many indicators. also has good winning rate Forex OBV Trend Strategy. This trend trading Forex strategy suggests using the following indicators: Admiral Pivot set to D1; Bollinger Bands ® (50,2) OBV with EMA 20 applied; Which FX currency pairs could be used with this strategy? It is recommended to trade with all Major pairs including GBP/JPY and EUR/JPY. The strategy is traded on a H1 timeframe. The Bollinger Bands® use the period of ... OBV does begin to rise again in August and September to confirm the price rally, but the massive drop in June still makes the indicator and stock appear rather weak, which could have led traders to avoid a very nice rally, or worse yet, short it based on a divergence. Figure 4. OBV Skewed by Volume Spike in ALNY The Bottom Line. OBV is a simple running total of up day (added) and down day ...

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Daily FxVlog#2: On Balance Volume Divergence - YouTube

Swing Trading Using On Balance Volume Indicator (OBV) In this video, I take up OBV (On Balance Volume) indicator and present a New Trading strategy. I begin ... The On Balance Volume indicator (OBV) http://www.financial-spread-betting.com/course/on-balance-volume.html PLEASE LIKE AND SHARE THIS VIDEO SO WE CAN DO MOR... This video will show you how to apply divergence using On Balance Volume Indicator. The Best Broker on Forex Trading: https://bit.ly/3anlW1Q Lower Spreads ... OBV On Balance Volume Indicator Explained Simply & Understandably. // tutorial trading strategy indicator beginners day secrets video chart patterns youtube ... Positional Trading Strategy With On Balance Volume (OBV) - YouTube. www.nicholasnelo.com visit our site for all videos & much more Email:[email protected] Trend is basic thing in Forex Trading. In this video you found Best Forex Trend Indicator On Balance Volume ( OBV ) MT4. In this indicator very easy to learn about trend of Forex. Long term forex ...